Louisiana Championship Soap Box Derby

10441298_875333185852972_4851563589457511263_nDerby Daze, the official Louisiana State Derby Car Championship, is sponsored by the City of Leesville in historic downtown Leesville every year.

The derby gives children ages 6­-17 an opportunity to build their own cars ­­ based on a specific plan and race them down Third Street using gravity as their only source of power.

Categories of Racers:

There are two categories of racers, each using a very specific schematic. 

National Approved Racer -- racers built from kits that can be ordered from the National Soap Box Derby website.

Lulu Street Racer  -- cars built from scratch to the following specifications:

  • Wheels
12" x 1 3/4"  ---  tire rubber cannot be shaved t less than 1 3/4" width.
  • Max Weight
125 pounds without the driver
  • Chassis (Enclosure 1)
Length --- 76" - 82"
Width --- 18"
Girth --- 51" minimum
Axle Diameter --- 2" / Length 28"
Wheel Base --- 47" - 52"
Chassis --- 1/2" or 3/4" plywood or any solid wood chassis
  • Brakes
Foot operated.
  • Steering
Steering wheel with shaft and cables or ropes. Cables or ropes alone are not allowed.
  • Cables
All cables must be double clamped.
  • Seat
Must be hard mounted with no slide adjustment.
  • Body
Must fit the approved chassis, body design left up to crew and sponsor's artistic design, however, no artificial / additional weights may be added for any mechanical advantage and no nose gap.

The derby is held every year in conjunction with the Armadillo Rally. See the 2023 Schedule of Events.

For more information, please call Grant Bush at 337-404-4078.

2023 Sponsors:

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We are always seeking sponsors and vendors for our events. If you are interested in sponsoring any of our great events, please contact Grant Bush at 337-404-4078.