Doing Business in Leesville

The City of Leesville offers many advantages to a business looking to expand its market. Leesville is the parish seat of Vernon Parish. Vernon, with a population of more than 53,000, is home to Fort Polk and the Joint Readiness Training Center, which boasts a major economic impact on the region and, at any given time, has a significant population of its own of active duty soldiers, dependents, civilian employees, and military retirees and their families.

The Vernon Parish School District, which consistently ranks among the top districts in the state of Louisiana for its performance, continues to make strides toward excellence, with new schools, award-winning programs that involve the entire community, and high-achieving students and educators.

Located in an otherwise rural area, Leesville sees a high volume of traffic as parish residents travel here on a weekly or daily basis to take advantage of medical, shopping, dining, and employment opportunities. Army retirees and their dependents travel from beyond the parish to visit Fort Polk and take advantage of their benefits at the Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital, the Veterans’ Clinic, the Post Exchange, and the commissary.

In fact, the population in Vernon Parish has grown by approximately 20 percent since 2010. Almost 40 percent of the population earns more than the national average each year. 

Regional Growth Management Team

The Regional Growth Management Team, made up of representatives from the state, parish, and local area, to include the Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance, the City of Leesville, the Vernon Parish Police Jury, the Greater Vernon Parish Chamber of Commerce, Fort Polk and the Joint Readiness Training Center Command Team, was instrumental in securing $25 million for infrastructure projects on LA 467, a main artery from Leesville into Fort Polk. Several high-traffic destinations are also located along LA 467, including a Veteran’s Clinic, the Central Louisiana Veterans’ Cemetery and a branch of Northwestern State University. A brand new, state-of-the-art elementary school is nearing completion, which will add to the destinations along this highway.

To make the area even more attractive to businesses and residents alike, the area has been designated the University Parkway Development District, one of the largest development districts in the state of Louisiana. Both the City and the parish have also adopted form-based zoning codes for the area, encouraging mixed use development. Installation of water and sewer infrastructure is nearing completion along LA 467.

Recent data points to 1 out of 20 business owners being veterans, which speaks to the fact that their unique experience and perspective gives them the ideal skill set needed to successfully take on the challenges of entrepreneurship.  Veterans are often able to demonstrate an inspiring style of leadership that is characterized by selflessness, balanced with the discipline to strive for continued growth and progress, and perfectly equipped to remain effective when facing the greatest of setbacks.  Most of all, though every entrepreneur will have a different journey, sacrifice will undoubtedly be a part of the success story. 

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The future looks very bright for Leesville and Vernon Parish. We invite you to take a very close look and see for yourself the solid investment opportunities awaiting you here.