Mayor's Youth Council

The Mayor’s Youth Council is an organization of students in the 9th-12th grades from Leesville High School. Throughout the school year, these students will participate in activities that offer insight into how local government operates and, in particular, learn about the various functions of the mayor's office. 

Each member has sworn an oath to support the laws of the United States, State of Louisiana and City of Leesville. In addition, they pledge to be patient and kind and to assist others wherever possible to promote unity within our community. Each is urged to serve as a role model for others by sharing what they learn. Former members are welcome to participate by becoming mentors for the current group. 

Ja'Kira AcevidoJa'Kira Acevedo

Izaiah FarleyIzaiah Farley
Sasha GatsonSasha Gatson

McKenzie HarrisMcKenzie Harris

Jaelyn HJaelyn Hood

Hailee Jeane

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Joshua JohnsonJoshua Johnson

Sachi PatelSachi Patel

Aaliyah SmithAaliyah Smith
Charleigh TravisCharleigh Travis

Allie WittenhagenAllie Wittenhagen

Trevor Peters 
LHS Program Sponsor

Anastasia Stipe
Mayor's Women's Commision Liaison

Mary Ann Fussell
Mayor's Office Liaison

Unfortunately, during the COVID pandemic, the group was not organized due to the dangers of public meetings but it has been reinstated again for the 2023-24 school year. Mayor Allen announced "This may be my proudest moment from all the years I've spent in this office. We must support our youth, because one day soon, it could easily be one of these young people who will be sitting in my chair." 

Trevor Peters, VPSB teacher advocate, and Staci Stipe of the Mayor's Women's Commission will sponsor the association for the 2023-24 school year.

For more information about the organization, please contact Mary Ann Fussell at 337-239-2444.