Fire Department

Mission Statement
The citizens of Leesville are entitled to protection of life and property, whether the threat is man-made or a natural disaster.

The Leesville Fire Department is charged with the protection of life and property of persons residing within the city limits, as well as the exercising of Fire Department powers over any property owned or controlled by the city which may be located outside the city limits

We must provide support and technical services, record, keep, and maintain various information systems, provide for inventory and budgetary controls, prepare and provide various reports to interested parties, recruit, train, organize, and equip our fire-fighters, and coordinate our activities with other governmental agencies as well as the many and various groups within our community.

In order that we may carry out our assigned mission we are vested with certain legal authority over property. This legal authority allows us certain legal powers. In the exercise of these powers, equality must be the actuating motives.

To achieve success, the Department must win and retain the confidence and respect of the citizens of this community. We can accomplish this only by a constant and earnest effort on the part of all our personnel to perform their duties in a fair, impartial, efficient, businesslike, and professional manner.

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