Planning and Zoning, Economic Development, and Code Enforcement

The Planning and Zoning Department assists in educating the public on zoning and land use requirements for land development, and building regulations.  All building permits are issued not at the City, but by the MHI Building Inspector upon City Planning and Zoning approval.  The City Building Inspector will process all building permits and can be contacted at (337) 208-0195.  The Planning Department will provide information to property owners on current zoning and approval process for building requirements.  All permits will be issued at 512 South 3rd Street, Leesville, LA.

All new non-residential developments shall have site plan approval prior to permitting.  

In addition, the Planning and Zoning Department work closely with the Mayor, City Council, and Planning Commission to facilitate and review zoning change requests, as well as variance requests and site plan review.
The Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Leesville is responsible for upholding the civil codes of the City concerning for the following activities: 

  • Disposal of trash and other refuse
  • Flood plain management
  • Grass/weeds overgrown
  • Illegal dumping of trash & debris
  • Junk cars/abandoned vehicles
  • Keeping homes painted to avoid decay
  • Sign compliance
  • Unsafe structures
Because much of the work conducted by this office is done in the field, please call before you arrive, or please make an appointment so that we can be sure to be here when you arrive.
All Leesville Codes can be viewed, searched, and printed online from Municode.  


Codes Enforced

Building Inspector

For All Building and Construction Permits

Billy McShane-Building Inspector

512 South 3rd Street, Leesville, LA 71446
(337) 208-0195