Projects Under Warranty

W1. Potable Water System Contract G - US 171 Water Line Replacement at Pizza Hut

A. Scope of Work:
Replace water line along west side of US 171 from Shell station to Pizza Hut

B. Estimated Cost:

Construction Cost
Final Contract Amount - $86,061.04

C. Current Status/Comments:

One year warranty for booster station ends July 21, 2017.

W2. Short Street Water Line Replacement - Phase 1

Funded By:  Community Water Enrichment Fund
A. Scope of Work:
Replace 2" water line on Short Street, between Ermine and Verone.
B. Estimated Cost:
Construction Cost
Final Contract Amount-  $18,966.40
C. Current Status/Comments:
One year warranty ends November 21, 2017.