Projects Under Development

D1. Sub-Regional Parkway (LA 467 to LA 468) (MA #H1-12022-DB)

Funded By:  LA Office of Facility Planning and Control with match from CDBG-DRU
A. Scope of Work:
Project consists of the construction of a Sub-Regional Parkway from LA 467 to LA 468 and includes expansion of both the City water system and sewer system along this route.
B. Estimated Cost:
F.P.&C. Funding -         $9,375,000.00
CDBG-DRU Funding - $10,878,993.00
Total Funding -             $20,253,993.00
C. Current Status/Comments:
Water and sewer plans have been approved by DHH. Offers to purchase have been made to Bostin Timber and Roy O. Martin for right-of-way.

D2. Potable Water System Contract F – Ground Storage Tank

Funded by:  Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund
A. Scope of Work:

Install a second ground storage tank at the main water plant.
B. Estimated Cost:
Construction Cost
Estimated Construction Cost - $800,000.00
DWRLF Grant -                        $288,000.00
DWRLF Loan -                         $672,000.00
Total Project Cost -                  $960,000.00
C. Current Status:
Plans and specifications have been submitted to DHH for review. State Capital Outlay funding was not submitted to the Bond Commission for approval and so will not be available for this project.

D4. Rehabilitation of West Singleton St. at 171 N.

Funded by: LGAP/City Bond issue
A. Scope of Work:
Reconstruct intersection of West Singleton St. with US 171 N.

B. Estimated Cost:
Construction Cost
Estimated Contract Amount-         $19,880.20
LGAP-                                           $10,000.00
Bond Issue-             $9,880.20
Total Project Cost-                         $19,880.20

C. Current Status:
Contracts have been executed.